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Winter Park Ski Resort

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Winter Park Ski Resort located in Winter Park, Colorado offers luxury and excitement for your next ski vacation. You can hit the slopes with friends, savor mouth-watering meals and sleep in complete comfort, all without ever leaving the resort.

Winter Park Ski Resort Summaries


Winter Park offers some of the best skiing in the United States catering primarily to intermediate and advanced skiers and snowboarders. Unlike many ski resorts that offer comparable areas for beginner, intermediate and advanced terrain, only eight percent of Winter Park's trails are designed for beginners, while a whopping 72-percent are designed for advanced skiers. In total, the Winter Park Ski Resort offers 3,000 acres of skiable land, 143 trails and 25 chairlifts, enabling you to spend your entire vacation exploring the slopes.


If you want to dine while on the mountain, you won't run short on choices. You can keep it light with soup or salads, kick back with a burger and beer, or experience fine cuisine with a five course meal.

  • Derailer Bar: You can keep it casual and enjoy the mountain view from the Derailer Bar's top notch deck. This restaurant offers happy hour from 2:00 to 4:00 pm daily, making it the perfect option for a mid-afternoon appetizer and beer.
  • Doc's Roadhouse: Take your family to Doc's Roadhouse for a casual, family affair. If you don't feel like eating at the restaurant, you can order pick-up and enjoy your food back at your hotel room.
  • The Jane Lodge: The Jane Lodge offers a number of options for dining. Enjoy a nice breakfast or lunch at the Mary Jane Market Café, a casual bistro lunch or dinner at the Club Car, or the perfect slice of pizza with a bottle of beer from Pepperoni's Pizza.
  • The Lodge at Sunspot: Hit the Provisioner at The Lodge at Sunspot for a cafeteria full of soups, salads and grilled items, or enjoy drinks and appetizers at Fireside Cocktails. If you're looking for a high-class affair, make reservations to enjoy Dinners at Sunspot. These dinners are offered on Friday, Saturday and some holidays, and allow you to enjoy a moonlit gondola ride to the top of the mountain while you enjoy a gourmet, five course meal.
  • Lunch Rock: Located on the mountaintop, Lunch Rock specializes in burgers, casual food and excellent views.
  • Snoasis: Snoasis offers a retro vibe, a fun atmosphere and a deck overlooking the half-pipe. Snoasis is great for kicking back mid-ski for snacks with your friends.
  • Moffat Market: If you're with your family, and no one can agree on where to eat, head to the Moffat Market. This food court offers everything from Asian fare to Tex-Mex and Einstein's Bagels. Everyone can get exactly what they want while still enjoying each other's company.
  • Coffee Shops: You can also get your caffeine fix while on the mountain. Both Starbucks and Z's Coffee offer cappuccinos, pastries and other drink options.


Your vacation will be more fun if you can simply wake up, walk or ski to the slopes, and start your day without worrying about transportation. The Winter Park Ski Resort offers a number of lodging options that allow you to do just that.

  • Fraser Crossing/Founders Pointe: The newest lodging option on the mountain, these condominiums offer everything from single, hotel-style rooms to three-bedroom suites for larger families.
  • Zephyr Mountain Lodge: You can't get much closer than this rustic lodge. The doors lie just 110 feet from the Zephyr Express Lift, offering easy ski-in/ski-out access.
  • Vintage Resort Hotel: Skiing to the slopes is easy to do when your hotel is only a third of a mile from the chair lifts of Winter Park.
  • Winter Park Mountain Lodge: With Winter Park Mountain Lodge located only a half-mile from the base of the mountain, you can easily walk or ski to the slopes. Unlike some of the other options, the Winter Park Mountain Lodge is fully equipped for conferences and meetings, making it a good choice for your company's annual teambuilding retreat.

Building Your Perfect Vacation

To build a vacation for your family or group of friends, head to the Winter Park Resort website where you can learn all about lodging alternatives, summer entertainment options and package deals. With a little careful planning you'll soon be able to book your package and enjoy your most rewarding ski vacation ever.

Winter Park Ski Resort