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Article Highlight: Off Season Skiing: Interview with Donna Sozio

When it's time to put the skis away, some people are keeping them around for a little while longer. Resorts are offering off season skiing for the enthusiasts and spring breakers who want to do a little something… Keep reading »

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Expert interviews are helpful to read all year long, especially in the off-season when you're craving that first winter snow. Reading advice from experts can intrigue, educate and inspire all skiers, from newbies to the advanced.

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Ski experts offer useful tips and strategies for improving your technique, learning new skills, planning your ski vacation, and so much more. As you read these exclusive interviews, you are getting a glimpse into the minds of the experts you know and admire. Reading each interview is like having personal access to ski professionals whenever you need it.

Ski experts also provide you with the latest information and resources so you can continue to grow and improve as a skier. You'll learn what gear you need and what you can do without. Are you a beginner? No problem! Interviews with ski experts will help you get started the right way. Want to work on your techniques? See what tips experts offer to help advanced skiers improve.

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Look at these expert interviews as an ever growing resource. Check back often as new interviews continue to be added. You'll get a fresh perspective each time you read one and you just might learn a thing or two! Make sure to bookmark your favorites to refer to again and again. Don't forget to share what you read with your friends so they can benefit from expert advice as well.

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Skiing Expert Interviews