Used Ski Equipment Sale in New Jersey

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There is no need to invest huge sums of money when used ski equipment is easy to find in New Jersey. Shopping for ski equipment that is affordable and functional can be a breeze if you know where and when to shop for the best deals.

Finding Used Ski Equipment in New Jersey

New Jersey is home to ski resorts such as Mountain Creek and Hidden Valley both in Vernon, New Jersey and Campgaw Mountain located in Bergen County, New Jersey. For those who ski as a past-time, renting skis can become pricey and purchasing new equipment can be extremely expensive. What is a skier to do? Consider purchasing used ski equipment that is in good condition and often found at a low price. Children can quickly outgrow skis and may need to replace them after just one season. Purchasing used equipment not only makes sense for kids' equipment but for adults' equipment as well.

If you live in New Jersey, there are several options for finding used ski equipment. For those who prefer to shop in person, consider beginning your search at a local ski rental shop. Many rental shops will sell skis used from last season at a deep discount in order to replace their inventory with new models for the next season. Some ski shops to check out include:

There are also shops located at various ski resorts that you may ski at frequently. Stop in and ask if they plan on selling any equipment and if so to let you know once it becomes available.

Another option is checking your local newspaper classified ads. Sellers may wish to get rid of their equipment and list it for sale in the classifieds. Community bulletin boards, garage sales and ski swap meets are other options for finding used equipment.

Shopping Online

Online is always a great option to consider for finding used ski equipment no matter what your location may be. When shopping online, be sure to purchase only from reputable sellers who can give you a detail description of the equipment for sale and offer some type of guarantee. If you are buying from a site such as eBay, check the seller's return policy in case the skis are not in ideal condition.

When shopping online, do your research carefully so you have an idea of what you are looking for. Ski size, brand and style are all important factors to consider before making a purchase. Some other online options for finding ski equipment include:

  • Craigslist gives you the option to enter the region of New Jersey that is closest to you in order to begin your search. Choose the "for sale" link that gives you a list of sporting equipment to browse for any used ski equipment that may be available.
  • New Jersey Ski Council has an online site that lists Ski Equipment For Sale/Swap. Check early in the ski season to find the best deals or late in ski season to find equipment that sellers want to get rid of once the season is over.

Tips for Purchasing Used Ski Equipment

Since skiing can be an expensive sport, saving money on equipment can cut down on costs. Finding the best deals on ski equipment not only means knowing where to find the deals but what to look for in equipment as well. To get the best possible equipment for your needs, have an idea of the type of skis you are interested in as well as if you will need bindings, boots and poles. Know the length of ski that you need, your boot size and the pole length before you start shopping so once you find the used equipment you can be sure you are purchasing the correct size and style for your personal needs. You will also want to make sure that the equipment is in the best possible condition, that skis are free from cracks and that the bindings are properly mounted to the skis.

Once you purchase your used equipment, it is a good idea to take it to a local ski shop for a tune up and waxing. A professional can look over the equipment to make sure it is safe to use and ready for the ski season.

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Used Ski Equipment Sale in New Jersey