Holiday Valley Ski Resort

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Holiday Valley Ski Resort is a New York getaway for thousands of visitors each year. Located in Ellicottville, New York, this moderately large ski resort features 58 ski trails, lodging and onsite entertainment for guests.

About Holiday Valley Ski Resort

Visitors to Holiday Valley experience 290 skiable acres of land with 13 lifts servicing the ski trails. This resort also offers:

  • A vertical rise of 750 feet
  • A base elevation of 1500 feet
  • A top elevation of 2250 feet
  • The resort encompasses a total of 1400 acres of land
  • Of the ski trails, 58 are day trails and 37 are night trails

Although the location receives an estimated 180 inches of snow annually, it can produce snow for 95 percent of its trails, making this a viable option even when it does not snow.

The ski trails range in difficulty from beginner trails to advanced skier trails. Individuals of all ages are welcome to participate on the slopes.

About the Resort

Holiday Valley offers a full service resort for guests to the region. The facility opened in 1957 as a new ski resort. Since its inception, skiers from Buffalo, Cleveland and Rochester made the trek to the location to enjoy the bountiful snowfalls and ideal terrain. The region was a popular social destination. Guests came to stay at the Lincoln Hotel, which is currently the Ellicottville Inn in the center of town.

The facility is now a modern ski resort. In addition to three base lodges, there are two hotels, pools, a golf course and other amenities that make up the resort center. According to the company, the destination remains a popular option for skiers from the East.

Book your resort and ski tickets online or in person. There are three base lodges available at the resort. Each one offers food service, restrooms and ticket sales.

The Clubhouse Chalet Base Area

The first building at the entrance to the ski park is the Clubhouse Chalet. It is the largest of the lodging locations available and contains two bars, rental facilities, locker rooms, a restaurant and lounge. In addition, the Adult Snowsports School Desk is located here. This is the location to book your ski courses.

There is a day care center available to users of the facilities. A resort services center is also here, featuring security, customer service and group sales offices.

Yodeler Lodge

Guests may also wish to explore the Yodeler Lodge, which is located at the base of the Yodeler Quad Chair. This historic building was once the original lodging option available at the resort. The location includes a restaurant, two lounge areas, ATM, Wi-Fi and a Mountain Sports Shop to purchase gear and other souvenirs.

Tannenbaum Lodge

Another option for guests is the Tannenbaum Lodge, which is a family friendly lodging area. This area often books quickly during the ski season. The location features a restaurant, a coffee shop and the Bill Lounsbury Adaptive Ski Center for people learning to ski with a disability.

People who are looking for more information about the ski resort can find it at the Holiday Valley Ski Resort website. Guests can view photos of the attractions and purchase tickets online.

In the City

While the Holiday Valley Ski Resort offers most of what skiers need on the slopes and for lodging, the Village of Ellicottville offers more for visitors to enjoy. The Village, as it is called by skiers, is only one square mile. Main Street features shops, fine restaurants and a microbrewery for visitors. The village has 19th century architecture. Galleries invite guests to learn the history and art of the region. The location also sponsors various activities throughout the year.

There is a downtown region of Ellicottville. Visitors can enjoy health food stores, specialty shops for natural products and even a toy store. There are snowboarding and ski specialty shops available downtown as well. A wide range of restaurants and bistros help to make the city a must visit during a visit to Holiday Valley.

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