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If you love to downhill ski but live in the mountain-free United Kingdom, the solution to your dilemma is the amazing Xscape Ski Centre Castleford. Located in Yorkshire, this award winning attraction truly has something for everyone, including England's biggest, real snow ski slope.

What Is the Xscape Ski Centre Castleford?

A better question might be, "What is it not?" This immense structure (the size of six football fields with a ceiling so high that you could stack four double-decker buses on top of each other and fit them inside) is home to a dazzling array of extreme entertainment possibilities.

Skiing at Xscape

The ski slope at Xscape is massive. Over 170 meters long and buried under over 1500 tons of snow, this indoor mountain is complete with ski lifts and is ready for you to attack it via snowboard or downhill skis. If you are a beginner, there are three stages of lessons available to you in one hour, two hour, or three hour chunks. The professionals at Xscape can teach you to snowboard or ski, depending on your fancy. Xscape has all the equipment you will need to ski the day away, but make sure you dress warmly as it is quite chilly up on the mountain. If you need to take a rest and rejuvenate at anytime during the day, head over to the SNO!bar and have a pint, a cup of coffee, or a snack while you watch others make their way down the slopes.

The centre has a busy schedule of special events like sledding, freestyle snowboarding and more. Check the events calendar to see what is coming up next. Lessons are offered to those who want to learn the basics or brush up on their existing ski or snowboarding skills. To see photos and videos of the excitement at Xscape, check out Sno!zone where you can also find out more about activities such as coaching, camps and kids parties.


This revolutionary business idea is not going by unnoticed by the business and entertainment communities. Xscape has won some prestigious awards including Wakefield District Business' 2006 Business of the Year award, The Best Tourist Experience of 2005 award at the Yorkshire Tourist Board's White Rose Awards, The Best New UK Tourist Attraction for 2004 from the Group Leisure Industry Awards, and many more. This spectacular attraction has made a significant impact on the country's cultural landscape in a very short time. When you see it for yourself, you will quickly understand what the fuss is all about.

Other Attractions at Xscape

If you love to ski but those you love to travel with do not, the Xscape Ski Centre Castleford might be just the vacation you were waiting for. In addition to the incredible skiing experience, Xscape offers the following activities for those in your party who don't share your love for skiing.

  • Rock Climbing: Two towering rock-climbing walls greet you when you walk into the entrance. The walls are modeled after two famous North American sandstone walls in Castleton and Monument Valley.
  • Aerial Assault Course: High above the rock-climbing wall is the intricate wood and rope aerial assault course. This unique activity is guaranteed to thrill you to your core.
  • Subvert Skate Park: Edgy and radical, the newest addition to the Xscape family is the Subvert Skate Park. Complete with jumps, ramps, bars, and even a DJ booth, the skate park is fully equipped to take what you can throw at it.
  • More, more, more: A bowling alley, movie theater, laser tag zone, bumper cars, game room, fitness room, two glow-in-the-dark mini-golf courses, 10 retail shopping stores, and numerous drinking and eating establishments round out the endless array of options presented to you when you visit this incredible centre.
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Xscape Ski Centre - Castleford