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The phrase "Vermont ski resorts" invokes visions of snow-capped mountains and quaint country inns. Depending upon where you go, this may or may not be true. When it comes to skiing, Vermont resorts have something for everyone. This applies to the diverse ambiance of the resorts, the challenge (or lack thereof) of the trails, and their appeal to different types of people. Whether you're looking for a quaint and romantic New England ski weekend, a family getaway, or a few respectable bragging rights, you will find what you want in Vermont.

Vermont Ski Resort Descriptions

Although Vermont does have a diverse selection of ski resorts, some traits are shared by all resorts:

  • Vermont is cold-a damp cold. Come equipped with hand warmers and helmet liners.
  • It is extremely icy, with a kind of ice not seen anywhere else in the country. If you look down, you can see your reflection. A good ski instructor can teach you to glide right over it.
  • Unlike the Colorado resorts, Vermont ski trails are narrow and winding, as if you are going through a labyrinth. If you are only used to making wide "S-shaped" turns, have a ski instructor help you hone your skills at short radius turns.

While some resort traits are similar, one that suits your personal needs is just a reservation away.

Killington: The Beast of the East

Absolutely nothing is quaint about Killington. In fact, as you approach the town, the ultra modernization makes it hard to believe that you are actually in Vermont. However, Killington is one of the most popular Vermont ski resorts for aggressive, high-energy skiers from New York and New Jersey.

Killington is big, and for those who are unfamiliar with its layout, it can be overwhelming. On the other hand, those who know its secret stashes worship Killington as their personal Mecca. It happens to be a popular resort for singles and not necessarily the best choice for a romantic getaway.

Smugglers' Notch: Best for Families

For many people, Smugglers' Notch, otherwise known as "Smuggs," is synonymous with family skiing. Their award-winning children's programs probably have something to do with it. The Fun Zone Family Entertainment Center extends the family bonding time into the après ski hours. Because of its gentle terrain, Smuggs is a great to learn to ski.

Okemo: Something for Everyone

Okemo is located in an unpretentious former mining town known as Ludlow, Vermont. It was started as a mom and pop operation by Tim and Diane Mueller, who have since become experts in the art of ski resort management. At first, Okemo was known as resort that catered to beginners and intermediates. Now, with the new Jackson Gore terrain, experts can also enjoy Okemo.

Mad River Glen: Ski It If You Can

Mad River Glen is one of the few skiers-only mountains left in North America. Rather than being owned by a big corporation, this resort is owned by a co-op of skiers who wanted to maintain a grassroots and ecological operation. It is one of the few places where you can still find the 1940s style single chair. Novice skiers should be aware that Mad River Glen is famous for its advanced terrain. The "Ski It If You Can" slogan should be taken seriously.

Mount Snow: Scenic and Romantic

Mount Snow is located in the beautiful town of West Dover, which is home to a plethora of romantic inns and bed and breakfasts. The mountain itself has some nice, wide blue intermediate trails, which are atypical of the New England narrow terrain. Snowboarders and freestylers will enjoy spending time in the Carinthia park and pipe area.

Jay Peak: For Powder Hounds

With a location close to the Canadian border, Jay Peak is famous for something you rarely see in Vermont: powder. Since it's a long drive north to get there, Jay Peak attracts only the most dedicated skiers.

Vermont offers popular ski resorts for everyone. Visitors who want to Ski Vermont can find a resort to suit their needs.

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