Snowboard Jumps

Inspiring Snowboard Jumps

Pictures of snowboard jumps motivate you to go even more extreme while you enjoy your favorite snow sport. Start slow to avoid injuries and before you know it you'll be turning heads as you fly high.

Italy Snowboarding

Here is some high flying action in Italy. Snowboarding is enjoyed all over the world, so don't limit yourself once you know the basics.

Blue Sky

Always wear a helmet and be sure to look before you leap to avoid accidents.


Resorts that offer snowboard parks provide lots of opportunities to show what you've got. Each will have special challenges to test your skills.

Boarding Sequence

Snowboard jumps may look spontaneous, but they involve careful planning to be executed correctly. Make sure you know what you're doing.

Rocky Mountains

What better way to enjoy the Rocky Mountain backcountry than to fly?


Here is some freestyle action in Switzerland to whet your appetite. Be sure the trail or park you attempt matches your skill level.

Backside Spin

When you feel confident with your skills you are ready for some tricks. Try a backside spin...

Rocket Grab

Or a rocket grab...


Or a backflip.

If these images of snowboard jumps have you inspired to try snowboarding, check out Snowboarding Basics.

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Snowboard Jumps