Snow Ski Apparel

Choose Snow Ski Apparel

Having appropriate snow ski apparel will protect your body and improve your abilities. Dress for the weather, but keep in mind that you need to be able to move easily. Invest in quality apparel to ensure it can hold up to the slopes.

Ski Goggles

Ski goggles protect your eyes and ensure your vision against the blinding glare of the snow. Select goggles that protect you from the sun and ultraviolet rays. The goggles should fit snugly to prevent snow and ice from getting into your eyes. If you do any backcountry skiing, this snug fit protects your eyes from branches, too.

Snow Ski Apparel for the Legs

Select insulated performance pants. The pants should be waterproof and durable. Look for a pair with an adjustable waistband. This way, you can add the number of layers necessary for the weather underneath. Some have articulated knees, which provide better mobility for users. They should be comfortable.

Snow Ski Jacket

The ski jacket is an important part of snow ski apparel. Select a waterproof jacket that fits comfortably. You should have a good deal of mobility in the arms, elbows and shoulders. Fleece is a warm option and it helps to keep sweat away from the body. Draw cords allow you to pull the jacket tight to keep the snow out. Some jackets offer multiple layers. A good all around jacket works just as well.

Ski Tops

What you wear under your jacket is also important. Select a top that wicks away moisture from your body. Clothing with a polyester and Lycra mixture works well, for example. This first layer should fit the body snugly but should be easy to move in. Some people like to wear a ski vest in place of a jacket. In mild temperatures, this is acceptable.

Ski Gloves

Gloves are necessary for skiing. They protect your skin from the cold, but also from the sun and wind. Select waterproof gloves that provide some pre-curve to the fingers if possible. The lining should wick away moisture. It is critical that your gloves keep your hands warm but still allow you to easily grip things.

Ski Hats and Earmuffs
Protecting your head and ears is also the job of ski apparel. There are numerous products on the market. Look for a product that fits your head comfortably and covers your ears. Some hats, beanies and earmuffs also have the ability to pull moisture away from your head to keep you warm and dry.

Protected and Ready

Each piece of clothing is critical to protecting you as you ski. Buy snow ski apparel specific for your body. Children's and women's items are available. You do not have to look like a ski bunny, but you should dress appropriately.

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Snow Ski Apparel