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If you are a North American skier searching for summer ski resorts, Australia offers some interesting options. While Americans and Canadians are experiencing the hot days of summertime, Australians are in the height of winter. For avid skiers and snowboarders who wish to extend their winter sport season, a trip to Australia offers winter fun, as well as a chance to explore another country.

About Ski Resorts in Australia

The majority of ski resorts in Australia are located in Tasmania, New South Wales and Victoria. Most are close to Australia's three major cities:

  • Melbourne
  • Canberra
  • Sidney

Most of the New South Wales resorts are located in the Snowy Mountains, otherwise known as "The Snowies." The Snowy Mountains are home to Mount Kosciuszko, which is Australia's highest mountain. The resorts in Victoria are located in the Australian Alps, which has 120 active alpine huts. These huts are often used by backcountry skiers. Tasmania has two major ski areas. Mount Mawson is located within the Mount Field National Park, and Ben Lomond is located in the Ben Lomond National Park.

Perisher Blue Ski Resort

Located in the southeastern corner of New South Wales, Perisher Blue is Australia's largest ski resort. The resort is accessible by the electric Skitube railway. Perisher Blue's official ski season runs from the second weekend in June to the first weekend in October.

Perisher has 49 chairlifts.

  • The Village Eight Express is an eight seater chairlift, which was built in 2003.
  • Two high-speed quad detachable chairlifts
  • Four fixed-grip quad chairlifts
  • Two triple chairlifts
  • Four double chairlifts
  • 21 T-Bars
  • Four J-bars
  • Four ski carpets
  • Eight lifts of other types

The runs are graded in this way:

  • 22 percent beginner
  • 60 percent intermediate
  • 18 percent advanced

Thredbo Ski Resort

Thredbo is a ski resort in the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales. In contrast to Perisher Blue, Thredbo actually has a highly developed ski town, complete with lodging options, shops and nightlife. Additionally, it has the steepest terrain of all the Australian resorts.Thredbo has 14 chairlifts:

  • Four high-speed quads
  • Five T-bars
  • Three double chairs
  • Two snowrunners

The runs are graded as follows:

  • 16 percent beginner
  • 67 percent intermediate
  • 17 percent advanced

Mt. Buller Ski Resort

Located about three hours from Melbourne, Australia, Mt. Buller is the home of the Winter Olympic Institute of Australia. The resort has a comprehensive network of 25 lifts, which include:

  • Two moving carpets
  • Three detachable quad chairs
  • Five quad chairs
  • Four triple chairs
  • One double chair
  • Six T-bars
  • One platter
  • Three rope tows
  • Two carpet lifts

The runs are graded as follows:

  • 25 percent beginner
  • 45 percent intermediate
  • 30 percent advanced

Falls Creek Ski Resort

Located in Victoria, Australia, [ Falls Creek] is a car free, ski in ski out resort. Falls Creek boasts a fantastic range of varied terrain, which consists of, tree-lined runs, south facing bowls and four exciting terrain parks. Additionally, it is the home of Australia's first superpipe. Its runs are graded like this:

  • Beginner: 17 percent
  • Intermediate: 60 percent
  • Advanced: 23 percent

Falls Creek is famous for its award-winning ski school. Although the resort has a limited amount of beginner terrain, many people believe that it has the best novice-friendly trails in Australia. However, if you are looking for an Australian ski resort with lots of beginner and intermediate trails, consider the Selwyn Snowfields Ski Resort.

Selwyn Snowfields Ski Resort

Located in New South Wales in southwestern Australia, the Selwyn Snowfields Ski Resort is famous for its excellent beginner terrain and its affordable lift ticket prices. Its terrain is graded this way:

  • Beginner: 40 percent
  • Intermediate: 48 percent
  • Advanced: 12 percent

A trip to an Australian ski resort allows you to explore the opposite side of the globe while extending your ski season.

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