Ski Bindings DIN Chart

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Refer to a DIN chart to make sure that your ski bindings are adjusted to the correct setting. Having your bindings properly set will ensure that your skis will release properly if you happen to fall during skiing.

Using a Ski Bindings DIN Chart

DIN charts are used to calculate the release setting for ski bindings. This setting is important since an improper setting could cause your skis to release unexpectedly or not release when needed. Either circumstance can result in serious injury to the skier. Whether you are buying a new pair of skis or renting a pair for the day, your ski bindings must be properly adjusted to fit with your ski boots.

In order to adjust the bindings, a DIN chart is used. A DIN range chart lists the skier's weight in pounds and gives the DIN setting range for each weight.

Weight in Pounds DIN Setting
Up to 78 .75 to 2.75
79 to 125 3 to 7
126 to 209 5 to 8.5
Over 210 6 or more

There are a range of settings given for each weight. Settings are adjusted according the skier's ability. Beginner skiers will want a lower setting to ensure that the binding will release easily if they happen to fall. An advanced skier will want a higher setting so it will not release when skiing on challenging terrain or at higher speeds.

A DIN chart will give you an idea of the range of settings to use for your bindings. If you are not experienced at adjusting your bindings, have a professional do the adjustment for you. A ski retailer will be able to adjust your skis to the proper setting and will take into account not only your weight but your height, boot size and your ability level.

Safety Advice

You should check your bindings every time you ski. Since bindings can loosen through continued use, you need to make sure they are at their correct setting each time you ski. Bindings will also need to be adjusted as the person ages. It is suggested that skiers lower their settings after they reach the age of 50. Settings can also be adjusted as the person advances in their skiing.

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