Praxis Skis

Praxis Skis

If you're in the market for a set of skis that are designed by skiers for skiers, consider checking out the fine line of products from Praxis Skis. Designed for the serious skier and not the weekend warrior, Praxis Skis feature innovative designs that will hold up to the level of wear and tear that hard core skiing can dish out. Peruse their exciting line and decide whether or not to pick up a pair for yourself.

The Praxis Story

The story of the Praxis company is a classic American start-up tale. Born in the Truckee, California garage of company founder Keith O'Meara, Praxis began as a project to introduce non-traditional cuts, curvatures and camber to the design of snow skis. Initially Praxis had a small but dedicated following of hardcore skiers but as word got out, demand continued to increase until O'Meara was forced to move the operation out of his garage into a small factory. Today Praxis has over nine models of skis that range from traditional powder skis to pipe skis to big mountain skis. Whatever your alpine pleasure, Praxis has a ski to suit your needs.

Different Models

Praxis offers the latest technologies for skis and will update and discontinue models as needed. The skis featured are designed for a variety of mountain conditions. All the skis in the Praxis line are built with the highest level of craftsmanship and are designed to provide years of skiing enjoyment. All models are available in a variety of lengths so you can fit the skis to both your body frame and your ability. Praxis skis are not cheap; most models are priced between $550 and $600.

Check out the following Praxis styles:

  • BPS: This style is done in a unique design that has a larger dimension, larger sidecut zone and larger sidecut radius. These qualities make this ski ideal for soft snow conditions and allow for the greatest weight distribution when skiing on powder. Another great feature of this style is its cool custom graphics done by Rachel Znerold.
  • Concept: This ski is unlike any other in its class. With a tapered tail and tip as well as a three point sidecut radius, this ski can carve on almost any condition. From packed powder to fresh snow, you will not be disappointed in how it performs.
  • Powder Boards: The newly redesigned Powder Boards feature a rocker that has replaced the conventional camber. This allows the ski tips and tails the sit up off the snow, which leads to smooth turns, a smooth ride, and more control. O'Meara describes these as the ultimate powder skis. New sizes being offered for Powder Boards are 170, 180, 190, and 200 cm. A final feature of this design is its top sheet material which gives the skis a cool look as well as added durability.
  • Backcountry: As you would expect from the name, this ski is designed to go deep into the backcountry. They are also designed to be versatile enough to ski hard snow or rip a line in deep powder. This ski will respond to a variety of conditions and release easily when needed.
  • Freeride: This style has been the ski of choice for many freestyle skiers in recent years, but they are also marketed as the most versatile ski in the Praxis Skis lineup. These skis are equally good for groomed snow, park runs and powder.
  • RX: This model is designed to ski cleanly and easily in mountain powder so you don't get as fatigued and can get more runs in every time you hit the mountain. It works well in deep powder and on freshly groomed surfaces making it ideal for a wide variety of conditions.

Finding Praxis Skis

The invention of the last decade and a half that has had the most significant influence on small companies like Praxis is the Internet. Because these companies can sell directly to the consumer without having to rely on traditional distribution channels, they can pass the savings onto the consumer. If you shop before the ski season begins you will be able to pre-order the latest models directly online from Praxis and take advantage of discounted prices.

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Praxis Skis