Naked Skiing

Naked skier

If you're really looking for something new in the world of extreme sports, consider giving naked skiing a try. That's right, naked skiing is just what it sounds like: skiing in the nude. While the freezing slopes of a ski mountain might seem like an unlikely place to strip down to your birthday suit that is precisely the point.

Anyone can take off clothes and climb on a surfboard in the summer sun, but it takes a particular type of thrill seeker to take off their clothes and speed down a ski mountain in the crisp winter air. More than just a show of toughness, naked skiing can be a sexy, exciting, and invigorating twist on a great sport.

Why Ski in the Buff?

There are many reasons why people ski in the nude, from the serious to the silly. Some skiers like to strip down before their final run of the day, or perhaps to celebrate the end of a ski season. Others like to use it as a punishment for losing a bet, or for getting down the mountain the slowest. While it might be easy to criticize naked skiers for only trying to attract attention, many noble endeavors have been undertaken by clothing deficient skiers. Several charitable organizations have used naked skiing events to draw attention to their causes, garner publicity, and attract donations. Whatever your reason for being intrigued by nude skiing, you will likely find that the free spirited skiing community will be accepting of this eccentric activity.

Where Is Naked Skiing Most Acceptable?

One thing you have to be aware of is that taking off your clothes in public is illegal in some countries. Even if the country has no law on the books relating to public nudity, certain regions or cities might have their own ordinances that prohibit such behavior. As a rule of thumb, make sure you have a general sense of the local customs before you go stripping down on the slopes. Otherwise, what starts out as a silly idea could turn out to be a real drag if you end up running into trouble with the law.

If naked skiing is allowed in a given area, it should be obvious to anyone interested in trying it. Talk to some of the local skiers who frequent the lounge at night and you will quickly get a feel for whether or not skiing in the buff is an idea that would fly at the resort you're staying at.

Some Notable Destinations

A few slopes around the world have a particular reputation for naked skiing.

  • Obertraun, Austria - Obertraun is considered the Mecca of skiing in the nude. This resort has a cross-country skiing route designated for naked skiers only. Just make sure you take measures to prevent both frostbite and sunburn!
  • Copper Mountain - Around tax day every year, this Colorado ski area has its annual Eenie Weenie bikini contest where skiers make their way down the slopes wearing next to nothing.
  • Crested Butte - Crested Butte in Colorado has long had a tradition of nude skiing on the last day of the season in April.
  • Mt. Cheeseman, New Zealand - In August, you can head down under to Canterbury, New Zealand for Mt. Cheeseman's Undie 500 race, the most famous barely dressed ski event in the southern hemisphere.

Be Careful

Even though skiing naked can be a great way to have a little extra fun, you need to be careful. Sunburn and frostbite are serious problems that can occur when you spend too much time outdoors in the winter with no clothes on. In addition, falling down while skiing naked can be very dangerous. Make sure you utilize as much caution as possible while you're out there having fun.

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Naked Skiing