Maps of Colorado Ski Areas

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Looking for a map of Colorado ski areas? There are several to choose from; some are more detailed than others are. So, pick your favorite map and start planning your next Colorado ski trip!

Finding Places to Ski in Colorado

Finding a map of Colorado ski areas isn't too hard. Just doing a quick Google search will get you a bunch to choose from. Here are some that you'll find, with a review of each one. This will help you sort through the slush and find a resort map that will actually be useful to you.

Colorado Ski has a snow-covered map of 22 ski resorts in Colorado. By clicking on each location, you'll zoom in and get a short description of each resort. Click on "Learn More" and you'll be transported to a page with all the details you need. You'll see mountain information, the snow report, the weather forecast, contact information and any featured deals they may have going.

There is also a link to a webcam so you can see the actual ski slopes, although this may not be available on each resort page. Another cool feature is the trail map PDF so you can see all the trails at a glance, and print it out if you like. Once you have played around on this page, you can go to the resort's actual website for more information.

Colorado Vacation Directory

Colorado Vacation Directory is a very basic-looking map of 27 ski areas and resorts. Clicking on each little skier icon will take you to a page dedicated to that ski area. At the top, you'll see a trail map that is not very helpful. It's too small to read and not clickable so you can't make it bigger. Down the page you'll see a description of the ski area, including things like how high the mountain is, what the typical weather conditions are and how large the resort is. You'll also see a list of places to stay in the area that includes information such as if pets are welcome, what amenities are included and if they offer winter lodging. This last one would seem like a given since this is a list of Colorado ski resorts. Oddly, not all of them have that little snowflake icon, leaving this site with a lot to be desired. uses Google Maps to generate a helpful map of Colorado ski resorts. On the left side you'll see a list of resorts. Click one, or several, and you'll see an actual street map of where the resorts are located. This is extremely helpful, especially if you haven't been to the resort in question before. As with any Google map, you can zoom in or out to see specific streets in the area. You can also choose to view in one of three modes: Map, Satellite or Hybrid.

Clicking the little resort icon will give you a bubble with options such as Driving Directions, Snow Report, Reviews and News/Events. Combine this with clickable links to actual resorts and the option to add major airports to your map, and this is an extremely helpful ski resort map to keep in your bookmarks. offers a map of Colorado ski resorts that isn't quite as detailed as some of the others, but it has some nice features just the same. Powered by Google, you still have the options of Map, Satellite and Hybrid but you also get the added option of Terrain. This, obviously, shows you the terrain of the area.

Clicking the little resort icon gives you a bubble that shows how many stars readers have given this resort and a little blurb of information. You can click the button to "view this trail" although it might be better to say, "review this resort". You also have the option to add it to your wish list or mark it as done.

When you click "review this trail" you are directed to a page that gives a brief description of the resort and weather conditions. The cool thing about is you can also upload photos of your trip and write your own reviews. You do have to register with them to access these features, however. Other features that you can access with your account include viewing trail guides and topographical maps from the USGS. Of course, they have lots of other great outdoors stuff in addition to skiing information. Membership is free for 14 days. After that it's $49.95 a year--well worth it if you're really into the outdoors.

Pack Your Skis and Go!

Once you're armed with your favorite map of Colorado ski resorts, check out for links to trail map PDFs and webcams. Now, pack your gear and get ready for an awesome trip.

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Maps of Colorado Ski Areas