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K2 Skis are manufactured by the K2 Ski Company. Unlike other ski companies that specialize in a specific type of ski, K2 manufactures skis for:

  • Men
  • Women
  • Children
  • Ski racers
  • Powder hounds
  • Telemark skiers
  • Terrain park skiers
  • Novice Skiers
  • Experts

While all of their skis usually become quite popular, in the past few years the K2 T Nine line has been the subject of many discussions.

K2 T Nine Skis for Women

The K2 T Nine line of skis gets its name from Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972. The amendment states that "No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance." In short, it was the amendment that allowed girls to participate in all types of school athletics. As you've probably guessed the K2 T Nine Series is a line of women's skis.

When the T Nine series first arrived on the market, the skis were met with doubt. While other ski companies had been making women's skis, K2 added stunning graphics to the top coat. Some female skiers were suspicious. They feared that K2 was trying to make a "girly girl" ski, which would undermine their abilities. They would soon discover that they were wrong. The T Nine K2 skis were hot; so hot, that some male skiers were known to paint a top coat over the graphics and use the skis for themselves. Take a look at the current line.

  • The K2 Luv Bug: This junior, all-mountain ski provides stability with ease of movement.
  • First Luv: This entry level ski combines stability with forgiveness. What more could a woman want from her first love?
  • Tru Luv: Like the name implies, the Tru Luv is designed for the woman who is falling in love with the mountain and wants to explore more of its territory.
  • One Luv: This ski has a slightly wider waist than the Tru Luv, making it a suitable ski for both groomed and light powder conditions.
  • Burnin Luv: Three years after its debut on the slopes, the Burnin Luv is still one of the hottest women's skis on the market. Because of its stability at high speeds, many timid female skiers swear that it has transformative powers.
  • Phat Luv: Fat is beautiful, when you spell it with a "P." The 102 millimeter waist enables fluid and efficient powder skiing.

All of the T Nine skis are developed, tested, and critiqued by the K2 Women's Alliance.

K2 Skis for Men

Although K2 developed an amazing line of skis for women, one should not assume that they've neglected the menfolk of the ski world. In fact, the men's skis in the K2 Apache line are some of the most popular skis on the market.

  • Apache Coomba: Extreme skier Doug Coombs spent three years developing these skis, which are suitable for both on and off-piste conditions. Coombs died in a ski accident in 2006. A percentage of the sales of the Apache Coomba will be donated to his family.
  • K2 Outlaw: With a 92 millimeter waist, this mid-fat ski performs well in both powder and groomed conditions.
  • K2 Pontoon: The late, extreme skier Shane McConkey designed these high-performance powder skis.
  • K2 Indy: This all-mountain ski is designed for the junior ripper.

K2 Twin Tips

The K2 twin tip series is designed for the "bad boys" and "bad girls" of the mountain. These folks play in the park or in the backcountry, but you'll rarely find them on the groomers.

  • K2 Disorderly: This ski turns both ways. It's a perfect ski for those who want to show off their tricks.
  • K2 MissBehaved: Once the domain of male skiers and snowboarders, female skiers now enjoy equal time in the park. The MissBehaved is designed for girls who want to dance with the boys.

For more information about K2 skis, visit the K2 Website

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