Dry Ski Slope in Nottingham

Let's go skiing!

Skiers who live in the United Kingdom are passionate about their sport, but they are several thousand miles away from the nearest mountains, so the best place to practice their technique are centres like the dry ski slope in Nottingham. This artificial slope is crafted from materials that offer a snow-like experience.

Swadlincote Ski & Snowboard Centre

If you are looking for a dry ski slope in Nottingham to try your legs as a beginner or improve on your technique, check out John Nike Leisuresport Swadlincote Ski & Snowboard Centre.

Located in South Derbyshire, in the heart of the 'National Forest' area that makes up 200 square miles of Central England, this centre is about 40 minutes from Birmingham and Nottingham. It is open year round and offers lessons for every level.


Even if you have never put on a pair of skis, you can still learn enough to feel comfortable on any hill in the European alps or in the North American Rockies. The Swadlincote instructors are certified with the in-house John Nike Leisuresport assessment system. Choose from:

  • Group lessons
    • Skiers and snowboarders are placed in groups relevant to skill level.
    • Ski lessons have a maximum of 12 participants.
    • Snowboard lessons have a maximum of eight participants.
    • Tots lessons offer instruction for kids four to seven years old and have a maximum of six participants.
  • Private tuition - One student per instructor
  • Specialized courses
    • Sessions are designed to improve skiing or snowboarding technique.
    • Alpine Ski Clubs - Offers a sociable way of mastering your skiing and snowboarding skills with like-minded people. Adult and Family ski clubs available.
    • Instructor Training - Offered to those who want to become instructors and teach people at the center.

Prices and Times

Here is the price and time information from Spring 2009:


  • Adults - £28.50
  • Juniors - £19.00
  • Level A - complete beginners
  • Level B - controlling speed
  • Level C - controlling direction
  • Level D - learning to turn
  • Level E/F - linking turns


  • Adults - £26.50
  • Juniors - £19.00
  • Level 1 - complete beginners
  • Level 2 - controlling speed
  • Level 3 - learning to turn
  • Level 4 - linking turns
  • Level 5 - developing turns
  • Level 5+ - learn to ski the whole mountain

Private Lessons

  • One person - £50.00
  • Two people - £85.00
  • Three people - £100.00
  • Four people - £110.00
  • Family - £100.00

Open Practice

Once you have mastered your turns, you can participate in open practice sessions that last for one and a half hours. To attend this open session you must have achieved a Level 4 or higher for skiing and a Level C or higher for snowboarding. It is an excellent way to maintain your technique year round or get ready for an upcoming ski vacation.

Other Activities

In addition to skiing and snowboarding Swadlincote offers a few more fun activities for kids and adults alike.

  • Tobogganing
  • Sno-Tubing
  • Snow Blading

Catering & Functions

An extensive catering facility overlooks the slopes so you can have a party to remember. The centre offers its services for weddings, birthdays, christenings, anniversaries, corporate team building, or just a fun day with the family. Packages include everything from tobogganing, sno-tubing, skiing or snowboarding lessons followed by a meal in the Alpine Lodge.

Corporate Packages

Whether you are celebrating the completion of a big company project or need an old-fashioned team building exercise, the ski centre is one of the best places to bring your employees together for a day of fun and challenging activity.

Final Notes on the Dry Ski Slope in Nottingham

If you live in the UK and are passionate about skiing, are nervous about hitting the slopes after several years without practice, or simply want to learn a new sport, there are many ski centres where you can hone your technique. Because it is so centrally located, the Swadlincote Ski & Snowboard centre is ideally situated for those who want an outdoor experience without having to endure the cold temperatures of an indoor skiing area. Once you have mastered a few turns and you feel comfortable with your skiing abilities, the next step is to hit some real slopes. Have fun, be safe, and always wear a helmet!

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