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Smiling woman riding ski lift

Skiing is such a visual activity, and while it's true that it's also quite physical, even the most avid ski bunny will admit that the scenery while skiing is important. That's what makes skiing slideshows such a great way to take in skiing information - you can enjoy the visuals and imagine yourself on the slopes, enjoying the packed powder after a new snowfall.

A Beautiful Sport

Not many recreational activities or sports can boast the lovely scenery skiing provides. Review some beautiful silhouette images from the slopes or have a look at some of the most gorgeous all inclusive ski resorts from around the globe. Luckily for people within the United States, expansive travel isn't needed to visit great ski resorts. Colorado, Pennsylvania, and even Wyoming offer lovely ski resorts with challenging slopes and beautiful scenery.

Ski Apparel

Ski apparel is easily recognizable as clothing designed to keep skiers warm while not overheating from exertion. Proper ski apparel can be quite expensive, but luckily some of it can often be rented on-site before heading out on the slopes. Avid skiers will welcome apparel as gifts for birthdays or holidays or just because.


Closely related to skiing is snowboarding, which is a cross between skiing and skateboarding. Like skateboards, some snowboards rival pieces of art. Snowboarding allows for extreme tricks and jumps that may be more difficult on a pair of skis. There is an interesting dynamic between skiers and snowboarders, with some co-existing harmoniously on the slopes while others preferring to ski only at the few resorts where snowboarding is banned. Still, these snow enthusiasts share a need for speed.

Keeping Equipment Functional and Safe

Ski equipment isn't cheap, and it's important to keep it in good repair to prevents accidents and injuries. Before putting on a pair of skis, you should know the basic functions of this equipment like how to adjust the ski bindings for your specific needs. Zooming down a hill in a pair of skis that are ill-fitting or that aren't securely fastened is a surefire way to wind up in the lodge, watching your friends ski as you nurse a broken bone. Or you might wind up hobbling around looking for animal tracks in the snow because your harrowing experience of tumbling out of your skis frightened you too much.

Fun for Everyone

Whether you're new to the sport and haven't yet taken a lesson or you're a seasoned skier with years of experience under your belt, skiing can be thrilling each time you hit the slopes. With adaptive skiing gaining in popularity, everyone can enjoy this fun, fast-paced activity.

Skiing Pictures