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Ski Equipment
You'll need more than just the basics.

If you could choose any ski equipment you wanted, what would you choose? Would you go practical or trendy? Do you want new skis and bindings or would you rather get new ski clothing? Where would you shop?

Types of Equipment

If you're new to skiing, you may not realize that there is more to ski equipment than just skis and boots. There are different types of skis depending on the kind of skiing you plan to do. You'll also need ski poles and the right boots. Ski equipment goes way beyond just these basics, however.

Keeping safety in mind, you'll need to learn about bindings, helmets, goggles and avalanche safety gear . Don't forget about things like warm jackets, gloves and hats, too. Then, there's the accessories as well. You'll want to check out roof racks, ski wax, gear bags, hand warmers, and the list goes on and on.

You might even want to check out some of the more unique items that many people don't think of. There are boot dryers, security equipment and tuning tools that also fall in the category of ski equipment.

Buying Ski Equipment

Finding ski equipment isn't difficult. You can shop online if you prefer, but most people agree that it's best to make your final choices for many things in person. It's easy to consider ski length recommendations and place an order. However, nothing beats in-person service to help you choose the right size boots or to show you how to install ski bindings.

Often, shopping is part of the fun. You can check out the latest equipment and see how it feels for yourself. You can rent some types of ski equipment that you haven't tried before and see if it's right for you. Some stores, like Pelican Ski, have special programs that allow you to try new items and decide if you want to buy it later.

Whatever choices you ultimately make, you've already make the most important first step: learning about ski equipment.

Ski Equipment