Animal Tracks in Snow

Animal Tracks in Snow

Animal tracks in snow can be a beautiful sight. If you notice any tracks or footprints in your backyard, you may not know what brought them in.

Deer Tracks

You may find deer tracks during the winter months near forested areas. Although deer tend to stay away from people, during the winter they need to come in closer to find food sources in some areas.

Dog Tracks

Dog tracks are easy to find in the snow if you own a dog. If your pet has taken to the newly fallen snow, you may find these tracks easy to distinguish.

Wolf Tracks

Wolf tracks are commonly mistaken for dog tracks. If wolves live in your area, be aware that these animals do come out during the winter months. They, too, need to move in closer to people to find food sources.

Fox Tracks

Fox tracks are closer together than dog or wolf tracks, but some may confuse them. Foxes often hunt alone and can get into trash cans.

Goose Tracks

In most areas, geese fly south during the winter months. An early snowstorm or a goose that decided to stay may leave goose tracks through the snow. Their footprints are very distinctive.

Horse Tracks

Horse tracks through the snow often show their shoe print. If the animal does not have a shoe, the track will be solid rather than open like these. Sometimes these tracks remind us of horse drawn sleighs.

Squirrel Tracks

Squirrel prints are easy to notice after the first few snowfalls. As the creatures try to find their stowed away nuts, their tracks can easily be seen scattered around.

Polar Bear Tracks

Unless you are far out of range of civilization, chances are good you will not see any polar bear tracks. Most of the time, animal tracks in snow are peaceful and beautiful. If you enjoyed these pictures, check out these beautiful snow scenes.

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Animal Tracks in Snow