Adjusting Ski Bindings

Properly Adjusting Ski Bindings

One of the most important aspects of downhill skiing is having your ski bindings properly adjusted. Bindings that are positioned incorrectly can cause an injury, crash or make skiing extremely difficult. Bindings need to be adjusted at the start and midway through the ski season. For those who ski frequently, have your bindings adjusted monthly.

What You Need To Know

To adjust ski bindings, you will need know the following about the skier before making the adjustment: height, weight, ability level, age and boot length. Each factor will contribute to the setting for the binding.

DIN Chart

A DIN chart is used to determine the proper setting for ski bindings. The DIN number is determined by factors such as a skier's weight and is used to set the binding so it will release when a skier falls.

Making The First Adjustment

To begin adjusting your ski bindings, the front and back screws will need to be set according to the DIN number. Ski bindings may vary depending on the manufacturer but each binding works the same way in that the front locks the ski boot in from the sides and top and the rear binding will secure the back of the boot. The front and back screws are what will hold your foot in place.

Lining Up The Boots

Adjusting ski bindings is relatively simple but there are certain checks that need to be made in order to make sure it is done properly. You will always want to be sure that each ski boot aligns with the binding. Your boot should sit securely in the center of the binding. If this is not the case, you will need to adjust it until the boot is secure.

Readjusting The Bindings

After each ski session, you should check your ski bindings to make sure they are properly aligned. To do a simple safety check, twist your foot from side to side to make sure the bindings release as needed. If the binding releases too quickly or not at all, then you will need to readjust the settings.

When in Doubt

Unless you know the correct way to adjust your ski bindings, do not attempt to adjust them yourself. Professionals know the proper way to adjust bindings and use a DIN chart to quickly determine the right setting for your skis. If you are skiing and notice that your bindings are releasing too easy or not appropriately, take your skis to the ski shop on the premises so they can be adjusted professionally before you take another run down the slopes.

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